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F1 TOKYO Cucumber

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TOKYO F1 is a variety with high quality fruits and high yield for outdoor and indoor culture


TOKYO F1 is an improved slicing variety of cucumber. The fruitsetting is high on the main stem and on ramifications as well. Fruits are attractive,uniform and dark green. Fruit quality is insured thanks to multiple disease tolerances.

Here are some characteristics of the plant:

  • Vigorous
  • Short internodes
  • Many ramifications
  • Straight and cylindrical
  • Lenght: 18-20 cm
  • Uniform dark green
  • Few spines
  • 50-55 days from transplantation to harvest
  • Tolerant to Downy mildew (Pseudoperonosporacubensis )
  • Tolerant to Powdery mildew (Sphaerothecafuliginea ) and CMV (Cucumber Mosaïc Virus)


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