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Good quality roots, even in hot season!

Nantes type, hybrid VANESSA F1 is also tolerant to hot conditions. It produces good quality roots in term
of colour, homogeneity and smoothness.
Plant: Intermediate resistance to Alternaria Leaf Blight and moderate foliage
Root: Cylindrical, slightly conical root
         19 to 21 cm long
         Orange external colour
Maturity: 95 days after sowing
The use of a seeder is recommended for the variety VANESSA F1. Indeed, a mechanized sowing allows
a controlled density, which is the key for a good carrot production quality.Thanks to this association and
a good soil preparation,
you will:- Reduce the time of thinning out and weeding
          => reduce expenditures- Reduce the amount of seeds used
          => reduce expenditures- Get higher yield
          => gain more money- Optimize production surfaces
          => save space- Have a higher quality production
          => facilitate sales

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