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Tomato MONA F1

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New variety for hot and rainy conditions

Tomato MONA F1 is one of the best in nigeria for rainy season.

In order to diversify and renew our offer, we introduce to you a new solution for growing tomatoes under hot and humid conditions : the tomato MONA F1. Indeed, the excellent fruit setting ability of MONA F1 ensures fruit production wheareas in same conditions, traditionnal varieties will meet fruit dropping.

In fact, it has a strong capacity both in dry and heavy rainy seasons.


Determinate growth

Very vigourous

Very good fruit setting


Thick round

Very good firmness

Vivid red at full maturity

80 - 90 gr


Green shoulders


Resistant to FOL 0 et 1 (HR)

Tolerant to nematods (IR)


65 - 70 days after transplan-ting

Resistance to bacterial wilt, big fruits size,very firm and strong fruits for long distance transportation. Good precocity.

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