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PINK Sweet

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On the occasion of the watermelon festival which will be celebrated throughout 2020, discover our new variety, the PINK SWEET.

 More productive, PINK SWEET produces larger fruits than KAOLACK and its pink flesh has a very high sugar content.

 It is a variety with a higher quality of flesh that you can offer to your most demanding customers!


In addition, there are relatively few seeds, which is very pleasant.




  • Excellent fruit set


  • Vigorous


  • Round shape


  • Light green veined with medium green


  • Average weight: 10 to 12 kg


  • Pink to red


  • Crunchy and juicy


  • Brix: 11-12


  • Earliness: 75 - 80 days after sowing


Seduce your customers with its very high and unique sweet taste !!!


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